Belgium Peak Beer


Belgium Peak Beer

The Belgian highlands beer


Reaching up to 694 meters, this is the natural highest point  in Belgium. Very close to this summit, we brew a full range of beers with a passion and love that also reach up.

All beer lovers will find a favourite in our range of 4 Peak beers made up of  a blond, a brown, a triple and a blueberry.


Don’t wait to taste your Peak !


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The High Fens have inspired the recipes of our beers that are all brewed with the water from the region. The typical local fruit can be found in our blueberry beer.

Our logo is also inspired from three  characteristics  of the High Fens :




The  highest point in Belgium

We are located very close to the « Signal de Botrange ».

If you look  closely at our bottles, you will notice that the stairs to Botrange is included on the labels of our BELGIAN HIGHLAND BEER ("bière belge d'altitude").

On mounting these popular stairs, you reach an altitude of 700 meters at the top.


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The High Fens water as brewing water

The exceptional water used to brew our beer springs from the peatland located in the heart of the High Fens. The water is  enriched with  minerals and acidified when filtering naturally  through the peat before  being finally used to brew our beers destined for your enjoyment.

All these characteristics are  ideal for a beer brewing water


The High Fens consists of peat bogs, an ecosystem created from the deposit of plant materials over many centuries.

The nonporous nature of the soil and its acidity slows the water filtration. As a result, a majority of the rainfall stays on the surface and is the source of our streams. As a consequence, the water stays in contact with the peat and is acidic and low in minerals.  

An environmentally friendly brewery

Belgium Peak Beer respects the environment and limits its footprint to a minimum. Several steps have been taken to achieve this: 

  • We are committed to reduce our water consumption. This is done by the use of our one-way-bottles and the bottling process.

  • Our cartons are all FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) which guarantees the planting of a new tree for each tree used.

  • The by-products coming from the brewing process are distributed to local farmers for  cattle-feed. This enables us to have own local channels.
  • A proportion of the proceeds generated from the sale of our limited special beers will be donated to improve of the environment of the High Fens.
  • The brewery has 4 different walks in the area aimed at promoting the High Fens.

The team

The team


Gauthier & Victor 

It was in 2016 that the idea of the project emerged from our two founders. As a doctor and a company director in the industrial sector, nothing led them to the brewing industry, except their (huge) common interest in beer. After many tastings with the master brewer, it is them who selected the recipes to prepare the 4 beers. They will enjoy talking to you while drinking a Peak if you ever meet them at the brewery.

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Martin, the master-brewer, is the architect  behind the great Peak beers. Thanks to his education in Agronomy and  Zythology, he will be able to share the secrets of successfully  brewing and how to taste a great Peak during a tour of our brewery


Thomas, who is responsible for the restaurant, will  serve you in the restaurant and will ensure you enjoy a great meal served with a perfectly presented beer. With Thomas also being a Zythologist, he will also be able to provide information on the beer production and on the beer and food pairing. He is also passionate about the High Fens, so please do not hesitate to ask him where best to hike is in the area.


The values

Belgium Peak beer wants to promote the passion for beer with all beer lovers by offering a unique range of beers brewed at the peak of Belgium through a combination of  tradition, quality and originality. The company upholds 4 values.

The values

Belgium Peak beer wants to promote the passion for beer with all beer lovers by offering a unique range of beers brewed at the peak of Belgium through a combination of  tradition, quality and originality. The company upholds 4 values.



Belgium Peak Beer cannot exist without a great team. It is for this reason; the company will do whatever it takes to ensure the wellbeing of colleagues and will encourage their initiatives.


We are committed to always do our best to convey our passion for the beers we brew. This passion enables us to make exceptional recipes.



The beer is brewed from 4 natural ingredients: malt, water, hop and yeast. We are committed to low water consumption, respecting our environment and we donate a part of our profits to  local nature preservation projects .


NWe prioritise the personal side of our company. This is why we encourage responsible drinking and do not serve alcohol to people below the legal age.